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Professional Cleaning Service Company

At Hygiene supplies, we believe that customer satisfaction is essential to the success and well being of the company and all employees. Quality products and services form the essential base of the complete Hygiene Supplies quality experience. Well designed and managed processes are conducted in an effective, efficient and safe manner. Strong and lasting relationships with open lines of communication with customers are vital to ensure that the company can remain flexible and innovative. The desired result is a professional service and quality products which are supplied with reliability and consistency.

We employ a staff compliment of +/- 95 individuals nationally. It is our objective, within the short term, to empower previously marginalized individuals and to action this, we have developed an affirmative action policy that would train and develop these individuals to assume excellence in positions within the technical and administration divisions of our organization. It is within this framework that we wish to expand our operation, so that we can develop, implement and maintain our principle objective of service excellence par excellence.


Our vision is to be the best Industrial Hygiene provider in South Africa.


Our primary objective is to serve the community at large by impacting on previously disadvantaged individuals through the creation of a full and open partnership of all concerned within the firm and therefore this filters into a non-racist and non sexist policy to govern the provision of service excellence to our motto of “The customer is king”.




  • Washroom Solutions
  • Ablution services
  • Consumables
  • Sanitary Disposal Systems
  • Hand Washing Systems
  • Hand Drying Systems
  • Eco-Wipes (Toilet Seat Sanitizers)
  • Air Freshening Systems
  • Sanitizer Unit
  • Fly Catcher (Sticky Pad)
  • Pest Control
  • Product Sales