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Our vision is to be the best Industrial Hygiene provider in South Africa.


Our primary objective is to serve the community at large by impacting on previously disadvantaged individuals through the creation of a full and open partnership of all concerned within the firm and therefore this filters into a non-racist and non sexist policy to govern the provision of service excellence to our motto of “The customer is king”.
Our objectives are:
1. To promote, support and develop the education, training and employment opportunities of our staff.
2. To build the economic and social empowerment of our staff.
3. To provide our employees the opportunity to become partners by offering a profit share bonus incentive scheme, and thereby realising the maximum potential of employment.
4. To ensure the satisfaction of our market, by maintaining and improving the quality of our service excellence.
5. To acknowledge and exalt the manager and creator of the universe.


We have essentially an affirmative management compliment whose interaction and contribution to the organisation has given credence to harnessing such talent from a previously marginalised group.
Management strives to maintain close liaison with the respective departments to ensure that written policy and procedures, budgets, general work ethic and the work and the work flow is maintained at acceptable levels.
Management has adopted the universal policy of the “Customer is King”, and has placed this foremost on their list of priorities. Therefore interpersonal relationships with all players in the field have enjoyed mutual objectives are:
1. To give communities open access to our skills and services.
2. To maximize benefits to the community form specially designated funds.
3. To promote the concept of working together as the best way of rebuilding our society.
4. To provide direct entry and support for people of colour and woman professionals into the development arena.
5. To provide an open door policy to maintain lines of authority, yet achieving maximum interaction


Hygiene Supplies is in a growth phase which is both exciting and challenging. Innovation and consistency in service delivery are essential for Hygiene Supplies to maintain its place in the market; therefore we are always striving to improve our service and product range so as to ensure that you the client are always at ease.
We are also planning to expand our business to areas that we have not serviced before over the next 12 months.

Pricing Policy

Service provider fees are calculated on the number and type of units required. The sales consultants do a survey of all the bathroom, kitchen and washroom facilities and a quotation is prepared on the requirements of the customer. We have a standard service agreement, which is signed by the customer and is effective for a minimum period of one year. Annual escalation takes place at the beginning of our financial year in July or on the anniversary of the contract depending on the client’s preference.


Offices Maintained


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