Hygiene SuppliesHygiene Supplies

Washroom Solutions

Involves the sale , hire and servicing of toilet and washroom equipment, comprising : Sanitary Disposal, Soap Dispensing Systems, Hand Drying Systems, Wipe Dispensing Systems, Fly Catchers, Toilet Roll Holders, Sanitizers, Air Freshening Systems, Ozone Machines. We will also do our best to cater for any special requirements.


Ablution services:

Involves the chemically intensive deep Cleaning of all toilets, washrooms, change rooms, cloakrooms and grease traps. The following items are cleaned:
* Toilet Bowls
* Urinal Bowls
* Stainless Steel Urinals
* Basins
* Stainless Steel Sinks
* Showers
* Troughs
* Grease traps
This process removes the uric acid build up and other faecal matter from the unit. It is here that bacteria, viruses, fungal growths and other items are removed during the deep clean process.



The sale of chemicals, brushes, scourers, papers, toilet rolls and other items used daily by our clients to maintain standards of hygiene on their premises.


Sanitary Disposal Systems

Ladies cubicles are provided with high quality sanitary bins which are based on the Liner System. These are serviced on regular basis dependent on the customer requirements. All bins are cleaned and disinfected every time they are serviced and the waste is disposed of according to Government Legislation.


Hand Washing Systems

Washrooms are provided with high quality, user friendly soap dispensers. We use different dispensers for different work applications. For example a Soap Dispensers in a workshop would be different from that of an Executive’s board room. These units are serviced on an ongoing basis by our service teams.


Hand Drying Systems

We have three different systems for the customer to choose from depending on their budget. They are Paper Towel Dispensers, Warm Air Dryers and Linen Towel Cabinets.


Eco-Wipes (Toilet Seat Sanitizers)

Toilet cubicles are provided with a Dispenser to ensure the hygiene of all patrons. This product can be used to wipe surfaces as well as disinfect hands. It has approved disinfectants which are safe to use in a catering environment.


Air Freshening Systems

Washroom areas are provided with a range of Air fresh units to mask any odours which may occur. This unit is serviced on a 30 day service depending on the clients needs. In this way a fresh ambiance of the facility is maintained.


Sanitizer Unit

Each urinal is fitted with a unit to ensure that the bacteria are neutralized and the unit left smelling fresh. Units are serviced on a 30 day interval.


Fly Catcher (Sticky Pad)

We can supply various types of fly catchers for different applications. The most common unit used is to control adhesive board (glue board). This uses a round actinic florescent light in conjunction with a sticky pad that contains pheromones. The pheromone is a powerful attractant for insects. This is an environmentally friendly and hygienic method to control flying pests. This unit is SABS and HACCP approved.


Pest Control

Our Pest control division carries out the following services.
* Fumigation and Gelling of offices.
* Rodent control
* Fumigation of food storage warehouse and other
* Fumigation of containers
* Weed Control
* Fly eradication
* Removal of bee hives
* Agricultural Fumigation and animal control
* Bird proofing and or eradication
* Silo and container fumigation
All services are carried out by trained and qualified pest control officers with extensive experience.
The above list will be an indication of the magnitude of our branches and the volumes that pass through them.


Product Sales

Hygiene Supplies is a direct importer of all hygiene and washroom equipment which enables us to be very competitive in the market. We also hold a high level of stock to ensure that we are always able to supply products in a relatively short period of time. All staff is fully trained on all the products and is readily on hand to give advice and demonstrations.